Harry Bailey

As an army veteran, Harry specializes in crisis Response, CPR, and critical thinking. Harry’s ability to empathize with our homeless community comes naturally, as he has been homeless himself. Harry is an alumni of Green Mountain Treatment Center and studied criminal law at Hesser College in 2010. When asked why he chose to dedicate his life to this work, Harry responded: 

 “I take pride in advocating for the rights of our less fortunate. Everyone deserves a second chance”

It is this guiding axiom that inspired Harry to become a Certified Intentional Peer Support Specialist.

In January of 2021 Harry started managing the Costa House, and Began working with Ben to start street outreach with Greater Portland Peer services.  Jails, institutions, and near death experiences, along with working the programs of AA, NA, Smart Recovery, and Freedom House Sober Living, have given Harry the credentials to be one of the leading Peer Support specialists of our organization.