Franklin Towers

Greater Portland Peer Services Home Base

GPPS has been leading a pilot program in partnership with Portland Housing Authority, focused on providing Peer Support Services to individuals at Franklin Towers who are at high risk for eviction. A primary goal is to have these clients enter the housing project via the Long Term Stayers Initiative (a city of Portland Subcommittee.)

This partnership and our role role at Franklin Towers has allowed us to provide weekly meals, support groups and informal coffee groups in order to build community and to help residents avoid isolation.

We are committed to being of maximum use to the community and the populations we directly serve, and so, we are continually working with tenants to navigate issues that may result in eviction and to empower and support them to make decisions that will ensure they can retain their housing. 

At Franklin Towers we are able to keep small offices where planning can occur and we can be accessible, on-site, to the tenants. Our Peer Support Specialists are able to utilize this space to organize. Every organization is well-served to have a hub. Although, there are plans for expansion to a new space for the administrative aspects of GPPS, for now Franklin Towers also serves as our de facto headquarters. 

As with all of our endeavors, donations are used in concert with any funding we receive. These pledges of support are what make possible the important work that we engage in as our mission. Please join us today in helping our community grow stronger. For more details on how your contribution may be used please reach out!