Warming Shelters

We have recently opened and are operating a warming center in partnership with the city of Portland, that will provide safety and social services to individuals who are not allowed or choose not to use current shelters. GPPS has recruited peer/staff volunteers to enable the center to open on days on which the temperature stays below 20 Degrees F.

In Winter 2022-2023 we served over 100 people per day

Portland and GPPS are getting prepared

The upcoming Winter weather is going to affect many in our community. We are coming together to do what we can to lessen this impact. Read more to learn about the City of Portland’s Homeless Winter Emergency Response Plan.

A Place To Go

GPPS has partnered with the City of Portland and the First Parish church to host a space where anyone in need can turn during the most desperate weather events. No one is turned away. Food is distributed and warm clothes, blankets, incidentals and other donated gifts as they are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is the hope and plan that GPPS will soon be in a position to have a permanent space that is open to the public and those in need.

Fighting the Elements

The weather in our region can become deadly this time of year. There are many people in our community who are not able to find warmth and shelter during the hardest times. Consider making a donation today, so that we can continue to offer the services and deliver the resources that will best serve those in need. Your dollar can be the greatest form of support and activism. Follow the link below and become a GPPS supporter.

Shelter from the Storm

There are many members of our community who have managed to make use of our common spaces to find shelter and to build a place to make a temporary home. It hasn’t been an easy road for many of them and the solutions to this pervasive issue in our community seem to be coming slowly. While the voices of our most outspoken community advocates are heard and bureucareacy churns to find sensible pathways of dignity for these people, we need to be avail